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Behavioral Threat Assessment & Management

Learn the basic and advanced fundamentals and principles of behavioral threat assessment and managemtn, a proven method for critically looking at behavior to assess threat risk.

Violence Risk Assessment

Structured assessments are the best practice when it comes to the assessment of future violence risk. Learn the basic and advanced fundamentals and principles of behavioral threat assessment and management, a proven method for critically looking at behavior to assess threat risk.

Case Consultation

Hiring a third party to conduct a threat or risk assessment can help ensure the most objective and unbiased assessment of risk.  It demonstrates due diligence by an organization who wants to ensure the credibility of a threat is assessed with the greatest predictive accuracy.  Using a variety of structured professional judgment instruments, our company can assist you in assessing an individual's risk for general violence, sexual violence, stalking, and other forms of targeted violence.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Safety certifying and accreditation bodies are continuing to look more closely at workplace violence prevention programs in the workplace to ensure compliance with current best practice standards. Perhaps now more than ever, standing up a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program not only helps foster a workplace free from violence, but tells empoloyees that an organization values their safety and wellness.  

Mental Health Evaluations

Do you need a mental health evaluation for a student? Employee? Loved one? Our services include comprehensive mental health evaluations as part of, or independent of, the threat assessment process. It takes a confident and competent diagnostic assessment to truly be able to discern what a client needs to optimize their mental health.  Evaluations available in TX, AZ, GA, IN, MA, and TN.

Forensic Interviewing Skills 

A successful interview during investigations, assessments, or evaluations hinges on effective techniques geared toward optimizing rapport with a subject.  Whether it be a child, adolescent, or adult, we can offer proven techniques to engage an interview subject or evaluee in order to elicit the most information possible.  Specializing in working with severely personality disordered individuals, we can help guide you through the challenges of interviewing anyone from the malignant narcissist to the corporate psychopath.

Proactive Parenting & Prevention

Risk and threat mitigation hinge on an 'all hands on deck' approach.  Our services include educational programs for parents, guardians, caregivers, community members, and anyone wanting to be moire equipped to help a loved in crisis who may be considering violence.  By providing parents and others with the fundamental knowledge about behavioral threat assessment to prevent violence, they are empowered to support threat mitigation efforts.

Anti-Bullying & Harassment

Bullying and harassment, whether intended or otherwise, are a reality for workplaces and schools. While such experiences may not cause targeted violence, bullying is often present in the histories of those who commit acts of preventable violence.  A high reliability organization is contingent upon fostering a culture of safety and respect.  Learn what you can do to identify, respond, and eradicate such behaviors in your organization.

Active Intervention​ - Assess, Respond, Manage, & Secure (ARMS)

Do you want to develop your skills in managing actively agitated, aggressive, or violent individuals? Our behavioral management program helps individuals, groups, teams, or entire organizations learn best practices in quality customer service, de-escalation, setting limits and boundaries, practicing personal safety measures, and situational awareness.

Other Services

Our company offers trainings, educational programs, and speaking engagements in a variety of areas:

Effective interviewing with personality disordered individuals; suicide risk assessment and safety planning; clinical social work supervision; assessing and managing intimate partner violence; legal and ethical considerations in risk and threat assessment, and more.  Let us know your need...we will make it happen!

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